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Design, build, hack....zap and repeat!

Workbench v1

Didn’t realize at the time I was going to do a before and after, so this is thinly documented. Sure what a mess! But it had been my “laboratory” for several years. It was mostly used for PC testing and repair, as well as all my electrical and mechanical projects around the house. . . . .until I got fed up with the space. I mean moving all the electronic equipment to put on a vise and get the hammers and power tools out. Then reversing the whole process when I wanted to tinker with the 1/4 watt resistors, 1pf capacitors, logic gates and circuits.

When it was time to work on PCs or any other project requiring ethernet, I had no network connection. I got by with a wi-fi connection that was 2 stories above me, but sometimes you just needed a physical connection, especially when the wireless signal was flaky or you needed greater speed for 10GB downloads!

So overall, the layout needed improvement as did the lighting and small part storage. You can see all that at  Workbench v2.