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TS930s goes digital

TS930s goes digital

After playing with the TS930 for a week or so, I found that I can not interface to a computer since there was no RS232 or USB interface. I wanted to use a computer based logbook, DXLab,  to keep records of my QSOs and keep track of QSLs. That was not to be. The big problem with the 930 is that it that the radio wasn’t designed for computer control, and lacks any sort of computer port.  That’s what I get for buying a 80’s style rig. . . .I’m re-learning as I go.

I found a savior though. PIEXX TS-930SE enhanced microprocessor board, which is  plug-compatible replacement for the original unit in the TS-930. The new board takes advantage of the advances in microprocessor design that have taken place since the TS-930 was designed, first and foremost to do away with the requirement for backup batteries The PIEXX TS-930 upgrade allows the ability for a computer, or other RS-232 serial device to communicate with the transceiver.

Unfortunately, not all of the functions can be implemented because of the manual mode selection of the TS-930. However, basic control of frequency and memory functions are available. In addition, a S-Meter option is available for the PIEXX upgrade board. This option allows the computer to read the S-Meter value through the serial interface. Overall, the PIEXX board adds several modern features like 99 memories, a PC interface, and lower power consumption. I believe this is a must-have upgrade to the radio for just about anyone that still uses the TS930s.

Now I just wish I had made more progress photos during the upgrade. Here’s what I have:





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