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Design, build, hack....zap and repeat!

Test Lead Snarl

Test Lead Snarl

So I was putting together all the test equipment on the bench. Each piece of gear came with their own set of test leads. It wasn’t long before they began getting all snarled up. . .the BNC leads with the banana plug leads with the alligator clip leads with the adapters. Rather than wait and spend 20 bucks for a test lead holder, I dug through all my pegboard tool holders and come up with a good one.

Since many of the leads were over 6 feet long, (2 to 3 meters for those outside the US) I needed to put the holders up a ways so they could hang straight. I decided to clamp a small piece of pegboard at ceiling height about 8 feet and use a few tool holders I had lying around. They’re cheap at Harbor Freight.

I first used up some left over pieces of heat shrink tubing to give each leg a rougher finish than the smooth steel. I also kept each piece of tubing a little bit longer to cover up any sharp edges that me dig into the test lead insulation. Check out the pictures below. I think it worked out nicely. I can’t put a cost to it because I had everything on hand. At least the bench is neater!

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