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Design, build, hack....zap and repeat!

Still waiting

Still waiting

Still waiting for my vanity call sign. But in the mean time I got the itch to go HF. . . .10, 15 and 20 meters were calling me.

The cost of new rigs were way more expensive than I remembered so I trekked on over to eBay. Transceivers were available but still expensive. Patience is the key when shopping on eBay so I just set up some searches and watchlists and started reviewing the various items on sale. I did a lot of Googling of make and model numbers to investigate. There are several places to read reviews from other hams:,, and don’t forget to ask your fellow hams.

After partaking in a few bidding wars, I was high bidder on a Kenwood TS-930s but upon completion I got a message “Reserve not met” and just kicked the filing cabinet and sulked. Within minutes though, I got a “Second chance” email from the seller that said I was close enough and asked if I still wanted the rig. I did and we completed the transaction.

So now I’m not only waiting for a new callsign, but also waiting for a new used transceiver! Patience. . . .


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