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SMD Breadboarding

SMD Breadboarding

So I watched Dave Jones’ EEVblog #555 video – 555Timer Kit where he puts together a kit of resistors, NPN and PNP transistors that recreates the famous 555 Timer integrated circuit in a large scale. It was interesting and nostalgic because everyone starting in electronics plays with a 555. So I figured I might go down to the bench, look up a circuit and try something new. . . .especially since I’ve got some new test equipment to play with, explore and learn the circuits in a new light.

So I got the breadboard out and went looking for a 555 or 556 laying around in the parts drawers. Well I did find some but they were all SMD. . . .which don’t quite fit into the breadboard. Luckily, I also found a little pouch from Schmartboard which included a SOIC to DIP adapter. It’s one of those “Gee why didn’t I think of this” type of product. As more and more components come less and less in DIP packages, I think I’ll set up some of my favorite play-around-with parts to have handy while breadboarding ideas and projects.

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