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Got my license

Got my license

Well it’s been about a week and I have received my official callsign from the FCC: KD8TGV. Let’s see now. . . Kilo Delta Eight Tango Golf Victor. Well it’s okay. I’m sure after a couple weeks in would be burned into my head, but I would like something easier to remember. . . .more personal. K8ZT has a great site for choosing vanity calls.

First I went to and started putting in callsigns. I tried my old call-sign, WB8EGB. It was available, but it had the same rhythm as my new one. How about my initials? What? It’s available. . .W8AJV. So I jumped onto the FCC site for vanity calls and started an application. For $15 bucks you can get any call-sign you want, as long as it is available and its form is allowed for your license class. For example I could not get a 1×2 or 2×1 (eg.: W8AJ or WA8J). First, because they have both been taken already and because those are only available to an Extra Class licensee.  As a General Class licensee I could only have a 2×3 or 1×3 call.

So now I wait to see if it will be approved and await my new license. It says it can take 18 – 25 days for approval. Oh well, I can get on my 2m handheld with what I’ve got. See you on the airwaves!

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