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Design, build, hack....zap and repeat!

Got ’em

Got ’em

I got my new call: W8AJV and I got my Kenwood TS-930s. The only thing missing is an antenna!  I’m excited with the new radio. All I did was connect a long wire to the antenna jack and started to tune around. Listened in to some QSO’s, a lot of them one-sided because all I could pick up was the close by ham but I could tell they were talking with a DX station. Oh man, I want that antenna even more!

I’m on a small city lot so thinking that vertical will be the way to go. Lots of trees around also. Even the vertical will be a challenge. I’m cramming on antennas using the ARRL Antenna Book. You can get it directly from the ARRL or from Amazon.

My first goal is a triband vertical and then maybe experiment with MagLoops for 12, 17 and 30 meters. The one good thing is that DXEngineering is close by and the week ahead looks like good antenna building weather!

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