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Design, build, hack....zap and repeat!

What’s it all about…

I’ve been trying to document my technology endeavors for 45 years, but nothing is working for me. I’ve lost or misplaced many of my notebooks from way back when, and my first try to blog about it went up in virtual smoke last year.  POOF! that’s pretty much what happened to the original ajvtech website. I used some off-brand web host and content management system that was a pain-in-the-ass to update and maintain, so I just scrapped it and am starting over. I hope to make this iteration more update, funny and helpful, but mostly be a repository for my electronic / radio / computer projects, ideas and research.

Computers really aren’t a hobby since I make a living managing IT projects. But, tinkering / repairing / modifying board-level circuits in PCs, doesn’t really have anything to do with project management, so I still lump it into the genre of hobby. . . . .mainly because sometimes they go POOF! 

Come to think of it, if a circuit or radio or computer goes ZAP! or POOF! it must be a hobby. . . .because when it all works it has to be the result of all those years of studying electronic technology at the university oh so long ago.

This new website will completely blow your mind! It will be exactly what you’ve been looking for and you’ll love it so much you’ll make it your home page!

But seriously folks, I hope you find it of interest. . . .as soon as I get it done. In the mean time, why not just signup below and I’ll let you know once I’m up and running.

Talk to you soon. . . .

…73 de -aj-, W8AJV